Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Packing For Dreamforce - Shoes

Let me start this post by telling all of you my nickname, Cheryl Shoes. My friends made this name up for me when I was 19, and it kind of stuck. If you can’t already tell by that nickname, I love shoes! Shoes are like art to me. It’s the way someone can express himself or herself through footwear. I have lots of different kinds of shoes, but as far as Dreamforce goes, I pack shoes with the two C’s in mind…comfortable and cute.

I give a lot of credit to women who can rock heels at Dreamforce; I am unfortunately, not one of those women. I tried wearing heels at my first Dreamforce. The space wasn’t nearly as big as it is now, and my feet were killing me after the first day. After the first day of sessions, I bought a pair of black flats. I knew after that experience that for any future Dreamforce, it would be flats only.

So, for Dreamforce ’14 what will I be bringing? Below is a picture of some of my flats that may make it into my bag. I will have to finalize my outfits first before I make the final shoe decision, but I do know of a few pairs that will definitely make it into my bag. 

Black Boots – I am so glad I had these with me last year since it rained a lot. The black boots shown below I purchased just before Dreamforce last year, and they held up really well. Mine are from Torrid, which in case you are not familiar is a plus size clothing store, but they also carry shoes. If you struggle with wide calves, I recommend checking this store out even if you are not plus sized - their boots have a wider calf than other brands. I will pair these boots with my sweater dress and they can be paired with jeans or other pants if it gets rainy, so my feet don’t get wet.

Black dressy flats – I have a few pairs of black flats, patent leather, black leather and suede. Last year I brought just my black leather flats with me. I’m thinking that I may bring my black patent leather flats with me. They look really cute with black pants or jeans and they are really comfy.

Coach Sneakers – I bought my first pair of coach sneakers just before Dreamforce ’12. I was looking for a pair of sneakers that were dressy, but still gave the comfort of sneakers. These were perfect. Two years and miles of pavement later, they are shot. I just purchased a new pair, which you can see in the back right of the below picture. They definitely fit the two C’s, cute and comfortable! I will probably wear them to travel, as well as anytime during Dreamforce where my feet need some extra support. If you’re looking for a pair of these or any other dressy sneakers check out DSW, that’s where I got mine, and they were about $30 less than what Coach has them for on their website.

Flip flops – I recommend bringing a pair of these to walk around your hotel in. Sometimes putting on your socks and shoes can be a hassle if you just want to run out to the ice machine or even just to walk around your room. I personally don’t like the idea of walking barefoot in a hotel, but that’s just my quirk - I do not judge others who do it.

This list may change based on what I end up packing. I can certainly update you on what shoes are in my bag as I’m packing for Dreamforce if you’re interested. I hope this post helps some of you. If you love shoes too, definitely share what shoes you are packing for Dreamforce. I’m always looking for ideas and shoe-inspiration. Don’t forget to tag what you share with the hashtag #DF14COS so you can be entered into the contest!

Can anyone else believe Dreamforce is less than two months away?! I’m getting excited! As always, thank you for reading.



  1. I am LOVING these packing posts!! :) (<-- I'm @CRM_Alice)

    1. Thank you :)

      I need to do an updated shoe post, I totally used DF14 as an excuse to shop for shoes :) I'll post one later this week.